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Excursions in West Crete, Greece

Excursions in West Crete, Greece

Excursions take place in comfortable air-conditioned buses, accompanied by Russian-speaking guides. During a group transfer, from the airport to the hotel or at an information meeting with guides, you can get all the necessary...

Greece Flora

Greece Fauna and Flora

Fauna. – The fauna of Greece is essentially Mediterranean in character and zoogeographically belongs to the Mediterranean sub-region of the Palearctic region Among the Mammals, the Carnivores are represented by the jackal, which extends...

Greece Demographics

Greece Demographics and Economic Geography

Southern European state, located on the Balkan Peninsula. At the 2011 census, the population amounted to 10,816,286 residents, which in 2014 increased to 11,128,404 residents, according to an estimate by UNDESA (United Nations Department...