Tennessee General Information

Abbreviated as TN on ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, the state of Tennessee with the capital Nashville is located in the southeast of the USA and is one of the most famous southern states. His nickname is “The Volunteer State”, which translates as “The state of volunteers. This name comes from the British-American War when numerous citizens volunteered in the war to defend their country. Tennessee – when the word is used, some think maybe first of the world-famous Jack Daniels whiskey, which has its origins here and is the main export hit. But Tennessee is famous for much more: it is the stronghold of the music industry and was made famous not least by Elvis Presley, who lived here and his estate Graceland is still the undisputed No. 1 tourist attraction today.

The history of the state is very rich, Tennessee was settled by Indians of the Paleo tribe more than 12,000 years ago. The first European explorers came in the middle of the 16th century. Before the state was officially established, North Carolina administered itas so-called southwest territory. Tennessee was founded in 1796 and joined the United States that same year. In the years to come, in Tennessee, as in many other states, the Cherokee Indians were expelled. This forced resettlement went down in history as the “Trail of Tears”. In 1861, Tennessee was the last southern state to break away from the United States and join the Confederation. But he was also the first to rejoin the United States. Tennessee experienced an economic boom in the 20th century and was best known as an important industrial location in the USA through the “Oak Ridge National Laboratory”. However, Tennessee was also the focal point of the civil rights movement that took place in the 1960’s and 1970’s under the leadership of Martin Luther King.

Foothills Parkway

Geographically, Tennessee can be divided into three major regions: the west, the center and the east. East Tennessee is characterized by the imposing mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which include the Great Smokey Mountains and the Great Smokey National Park. Central Tennessee is characterized by deep valleys and flat mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, whereas the west with the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers is characterized by fertile valleys and forested ridges. The climate is predominantly subtropical with hot and humid summers, but comparatively mild winters, in which temperatures below 0 and snowfalls are a rarity.

Tennessee is a state of pure pristine beauty and ancient traditions. But even if the state offers a lot of impressive things, it had its downsides in the past, as the racist secret society Ku Klux Klan was founded here in the 1860’s and civil rights activist Martin Luther King was shot in 1968.

Tennessee is known as the “heart of the Deep South” and the United States, not least because of its wonderful natural landscape, but also because of its rich culture and musical diversity. While Nashville is known as the “cradle of country music”, its sister Memphis in the west of the state is known as the “home of rock’n’roll and blues” and it is from here that the “King of Rock’n’Roll” conquered Elvis Presley the world. More than half of the state is covered in forests, some of which are nature reserves and national parks. Thanks to miles of rivers and some large lakes, Tennessee is very watery.


Tennessee is one of the southern states of the United States of America.


Volunteer State



Biggest town



Rank (within the US): 36th out of 50 states

Total: 109,247 km²

Land: 106,846 km

Water (%): 2,400 km² (2.2%)


Rank (within the US): 16th out of 50 states

Total (2000): 5,689,283

Density: 52 / km²

State membership

Place: 16th

Since: June 1, 1796


Time zone: Eastern: UTC -5 / -4

Central: UTC -6 / -5

Latitude: 35 ° N to 36 ° 41’N

Longitude 81 ° 37’W to 90 ° 28’W

Width: 195 km

Length: 710 km

Highest position: 2,025 m

Average location: 275 m

Lowest position: 54 m

Tennessee State Flag

Tennessee is bounded to the north by the states of Kentucky and Virginia, to the east by North Carolina and to the south by Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and to the west by Arkansas and Missouri.


Tennessee joined the United States as the 16th state in 1796, but broke away on May 7, 1861. After the American Civil War, the state drafted a new constitution on February 22, 1865 that abolished slavery, and ratified the 14th Appendix to the US Constitution on July 18, 1866. Tennessee became the first state to adopt the Rejoined the United States (July 24 of the same year).


In 2000, the state’s population was 5,689,283.


The capital is Nashville. Other major cities are Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, Oak Ridge, Chattanooga, Memphis and Knoxville.

Tennessee Population


Tennessee is famous for its whiskey, as well as the state-played blues (Memphis) and country music. (Nashville).

Tennessee Counties and County Seats

According to Countryaah, there are a total of 95 counties in the state of Tennessee.

  1. Anderson County (County Seat: Clinton)
  2. Bedford County (County Seat: Shelbyville)
  3. Benton County (County Seat: Camden)
  4. Bledsoe County (County Seat: Pikeville)
  5. Blount County (County Seat: Maryville)
  6. Bradley County (County Seat: Cleveland)
  7. Campbell County (County Seat: Jacksboro)
  8. Cannon County (County Seat: Woodbury)
  9. Carroll County (County Seat: Huntingdon)
  10. Carter County (County Seat: Elizabethton)
  11. Cheatham County (County Seat: Ashland City)
  12. Chester County (County Seat: Henderson)
  13. Claiborne County (County Seat: Tazewell)
  14. Clay County (County Seat: Celina)
  15. Cocke County (County Seat: Newport)
  16. Coffee County (County Seat: Manchester)
  17. Crockett County (County Seat: Alamo)
  18. Cumberland County (County Seat: Crossville)
  19. Davidson County (County Seat: Nashville)
  20. DeKalb County (County Seat: Smithville)
  21. Decatur County (County Seat: Decaturville)
  22. Dickson County (County Seat: Charlotte)
  23. Dyer County (County Seat: Dyersburg)
  24. Fayette County (County Seat: Somerville)
  25. Fentress County (County Seat: Jamestown)
  26. Franklin County (County Seat: Winchester)
  27. Gibson County (County Seat: Trenton)
  28. Giles County (County Seat: Pulaski)
  29. Grainger County (County Seat: Rutledge)
  30. Greene County (County Seat: Greeneville)
  31. Grundy County (County Seat: Altamont)
  32. Hamblen County (County Seat: Morristown)
  33. Hamilton County (County Seat: Chattanooga)
  34. Hancock County (County Seat: Sneedville)
  35. Hardeman County (County Seat: Bolivar)
  36. Hardin County (County Seat: Savannah)
  37. Hawkins County (County Seat: Rogersville)
  38. Haywood County (County Seat: Brownsville)
  39. Henderson County (County Seat: Lexington)
  40. Henry County (County Seat: Paris)
  41. Hickman County (County Seat: Centerville)
  42. Houston County (County Seat: Erin)
  43. Humphreys County (County Seat: Waverly)
  44. Jackson County (County Seat: Gainesboro)
  45. Jefferson County (County Seat: Dandridge)
  46. Johnson County (County Seat: Mountain City)
  47. Knox County (County Seat: Knoxville)
  48. Lake County (County Seat: Tiptonville)
  49. Lauderdale County (County Seat: Ripley)
  50. Lawrence County (County Seat: Lawrenceburg)
  51. Lewis County (County Seat: Hohenwald)
  52. Lincoln County (County Seat: Fayetteville)
  53. Loudon County (County Seat: Loudon)
  54. Macon County (County Seat: Lafayette)
  55. Madison County (County Seat: Jackson)
  56. Marion County (County Seat: Jasper)
  57. Marshall County (County Seat: Lewisburg)
  58. Maury County (County Seat: Columbia)
  59. McMinn County (County Seat: Athens)
  60. McNairy County (County Seat: Selmer)
  61. Meigs County (County Seat: Decatur)
  62. Monroe County (County Seat: Madisonville)
  63. Montgomery County (County Seat: Clarksville)
  64. Moore County (County Seat: Lynchburg)
  65. Morgan County (County Seat: Wartburg)
  66. Obion County (County Seat: Union City)
  67. Overton County (County Seat: Livingston)
  68. Perry County (County Seat: Linden)
  69. Pickett County (County Seat: Byrdstown)
  70. Polk County (County Seat: Benton)
  71. Putnam County (County Seat: Cookeville)
  72. Rhea County (County Seat: Dayton)
  73. Roane County (County Seat: Kingston)
  74. Robertson County (County Seat: Springfield)
  75. Rutherford County (County Seat: Murfreesboro)
  76. Scott County (County Seat: Huntsville)
  77. Sequatchie County (County Seat: Dunlap)
  78. Sevier County (County Seat: Sevierville)
  79. Shelby County (County Seat: Memphis)
  80. Smith County (County Seat: Carthage)
  81. Stewart County (County Seat: Dover)
  82. Sullivan County (County Seat: Blountville)
  83. Sumner County (County Seat: Gallatin)
  84. Tipton County (County Seat: Covington)
  85. Trousdale County (County Seat: Hartsville)
  86. Unicoi County (County Seat: Erwin)
  87. Union County (County Seat: Maynardville)
  88. Van Buren County (County Seat: Spencer)
  89. Warren County (County Seat: McMinnville)
  90. Washington County (County Seat: Jonesboro)
  91. Wayne County (County Seat: Waynesboro)
  92. Weakley County (County Seat: Dresden)
  93. White County (County Seat: Sparta)
  94. Williamson County (County Seat: Franklin)
  95. Wilson County (County Seat: Lebanon)

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