The Canon EOS 5 d Mark IV Made Plenty Of New Features

Canon puts an end to the rumors with the official announcement of its new case full format: the EOS 5 d Mark IV. He goes upmarket and became more professional. With a price at the height.

The Canon EOS 5 d Mark IV Made Plenty Of New Features 3
The new Canon camera promises to do wonders: sensor CMOS of 30.4 Mpix, Wi-Fi, GPS, video in 4 K… What make the photos and videos more spectacular than ever.

Sensor: a breathtaking accuracy

If we compare the EOS 5 d Mark IV to its predecessor, the sensor has a much more important definition: 30.4 Mpix compared to 22.3 Mpix. The new sensor is equipped with an expandable 50 at 102.400 ISO sensitivity from 100 to 32,000 beach while the EOS 5 d Mark III was a rise in ISO ranging from 100 to 25 600. With this new sensor, Canon makes the camera an ideal for shooting in low light thanks to a new algorithm of electronic noise reduction.

Impressive responsiveness

Equipped with a processor DIGIC 6 +, the EOS 5 d Mark IV speed burst mode: 7 frames per second in full resolution against 6 for the EOS 5 d Mark III. The device offers two modes to the user to be as discreet as possible: a silent burst mode and a silent shooting mode.

The Canon EOS 5 d Mark IV Made Plenty Of New Features

Video recording in 4K

The EOS 5 d Mark IV offers new video perspectives: DCI 4 K video recording at 30/25/24 fps. The most: it is possible to extract directly from these videos in 4K of images to JPEG with 8.8 million pixels. But Cannon did not stop there: the camera allows shooting in 1080 p 60, 720p120 and also in HDR.

The Wi-Fi W-E1 adapter

Light and easy to carry, the Wi-Fi W-E1 adapter will quickly become indispensable to users of the Canon case. He moved into one of the two boxes have adapted firmware memory card slots. Once the photos are taken, it is possible to view them directly on a tablet or a laptop screen, post on social networks from a smartphone or a Tablet and also save them remotely.

Canon Camera Connect will help you, from a smartphone or a Tablet, to control the unit up to 10 meters (the setting of the exhibition and the update) and transfer your photos safely.

The Canon EOS 5 d Mark IV Made Plenty Of New Features 2

A GPS that geo images

The EOS 5 d Mark IV is the first high-end enjoy the built-in GPS. It will indicate the location of each image in their EXIF data, make the automatic update of local time to facilitate the management of your files. For the first time, metadata, IPTC and user information can be associated with images.

Canon has also announced two new objectives for the L series available both November 1: EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS II USM 2 €649.99 (left) and the EF 16-35mm f / 2.8 L USM III 1 €269.99 (right). The camera, available from 08 September and its price necessarily stick to the promise of excellence: €4 099.