There are Smartphones Soon to the Collaboration Puzzle?

New camera in the mobile compliant? Or how about a more powerful battery for your phone? Or a better display? If it Phonebloks after the Dutch Designer Dave Hakkens and his design study, so anyone can build together in the future as its Smartphone is, as he needs it.

The Dutch Designer Dave Hakkens believes that it was waste and soiled unnecessarily the environment, if you change his old mobile phone with a new equipment, just because one with one or is no longer satisfied with several parts of the appliance. His goal: He wants to move the Smartphone manufacturers to develop a mobile phone in the LEGO principle, under which the user can swap the components discretion. Finally you throw away yes also not his car, if you have a flat tire, so Hakkens, but you change the tire. According to this line of thought works his design study called Phonebloks.

Hakkens wants to make smartphones flexible devices to be individually adapted according to his needs. It would be possible that one has a base plate on which you put on then for example a larger battery or a better camera, if it is no longer satisfied with the old part. The same applies, if the processor is broken: easy new processor in the phone, ready! Many Smartphones would no longer find their way into the garbage, thrown away is only what is really broken.

Many with whom Hakkens has so far spoken, criticize this project as not feasible. Hakkens itself wants to do not even produce the Socket Mobile, he wants to show just what direction the technology should take his opinion. The demand wants to prove Hakkens after such a plug-in phone through a large social-media campaign which is scheduled end of October on Twitter to launch and publicise the idea on the Internet.

So far it worked quite well with the proliferation of the idea in the network. 48 hours after the release of the video call more than 150,000 supporters were found for Phonebloks on the Crowdspeaking platform thunderclap.

The Dutchman with his idea is not alone: 2011 Google has secured the patents of the Israeli firm modu itself for a similar concept. They had no success with their expandable Smartphone.

What do you think of a Smartphone to the together? This is a good and sensible idea or next to it? We are looking forward to your opinions!