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Sri Lanka exudes a peaceful atmosphere in the greenest imaginable surroundings with a lush highlands, exciting national parks, strong cultural experiences in the cozy towns and of course the beautiful coastlines with lots of lovely beaches.
You will experience an extremely friendly and welcoming population when you travel to Sri Lanka. The country houses a fantastic mix of different cultures, but the Buddhist culture is clearly the predominant one: in addition, both the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English have left their mark.

Sri Lanka offers a myriad of amazing experiences and despite the demand for Sri Lanka travel has increased in recent years, the island can still be considered as a hidden paradise in the Indian Ocean. On a trip to Sri Lanka, it is possible to experience a variety of wildlife in the national parks, visit one of the many Buddhist temples, drive through the huge tea plantations and enjoy life on one of the kilometers of sumptuous sandy beaches.

Sri Lanka lies like a great drop southeast of India, from which the nickname “India’s Tear” has come. Sri Lanka has sea borders with India to the northwest, and the Maldives to the southwest. The beautiful island is populated by 21 million Sri Lankans whose mother tongue is Sinhala. However, English is a growing language on the island. Buddhism is the most widespread religion in Sri Lanka.

On a trip to Sri Lanka you can go hunting in a treasure trove of experiences. The mountainous highlands of Sigiriya in particular have something very special to offer. In addition, you should visit the ancient capital Kandy, the huge tea plantations as well as the many national parks with a rich wildlife. Furthermore, a trip to Sri Lanka will guarantee you relaxation on the island’s wonderful sandy beaches.

Climate and travel weather in Sri Lanka

According to Rctoysadvice, Sri Lanka’s tropical climate causes the good beaches to change with the rainy season. When it rains and blows in one part of the country, the sun shines on the palm trees and the beach in the other part of the country. Therefore, there is always a beach in Sri Lanka that is worth visiting.

Sri Lanka is therefore also a good travel country as the weather makes it possible to visit the country all year round. Sri Lanka’s special aspects of the country’s nature, to that extent affect precipitation, temperature, wind patterns and humidity – especially during the monsoon season.

Types of Travel in Sri Lanka

Safari trip to Sri Lanka

On a safari trip to Sri Lanka you can experience leopards, colorful rainforest birds, ocean giants and many more amazing animals. A trip to Sri Lanka involves rainforests and national parks where you can experience wildlife in their natural habitat.

Cultural trip to Sri Lanka

Tourists with a desire for cultural encounter will love to travel to Sri Lanka. Here you will find the Sigiriya rock, which in the 5th century was the location of a giant royal palace, as well as the cave temple Dambulla – the largest and best preserved temple complex in the world.

Beach holiday to Sri Lanka

A trip to Sri Lanka offers tropical weather, with ample opportunity to explore Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches. The postcard-like areas with azure water invite for relaxation, snorkeling and diving. Especially at the beaches of Trincomalee and Unawatuna.

Trekking in Sri Lanka

Tourist Travel’s active trips to Sri Lanka provide well-created nature experiences in an unknown world. By bike or on foot we move around the fantastic highlands. We take our love of trekking to Sri Lanka, where you can reach the tops of Adams Peak.

Combine your journey

Travel to the Maldives

When the journey to Sri Lanka draws to a close, you will no doubt have blood on your teeth for more. With Tourist Travel, it is possible to continue this amazing journey to the Maldives. You will definitely thank yourself, for exploring the Maldives. The 1,200 small islands that make up the Maldives are spread out over 90,000 square kilometers of paradise.

The Maldives is propagated in the Indian Ocean southwest of Sri Lanka. After frolicking in breathtaking experiences in Sri Lanka, the Maldives’ chalk-white sandy beaches are an obvious place to recharge before turning your nose towards Denmark again. If you have not yet had enough of diving and snorkeling, then you should explore the realm of the sea outside the Maldives.

Popular animals you can experience in Sri Lanka

Experience the unique wildlife when you travel to Sri Lanka. This country is enriched with some of the best places in the world to go to experience a wildlife so amazing that you will soon forget your experiences here. Sri Lanka’s tropical climate makes the country ideal for the exotic wildlife that we find here.

On a tour of Sri Lanka you can greet the unique Indian elephants, watch the rare Sri Lankan leopards and also experience monkeys, colorful birds and the absolutely amazing maritime life. The Indian Ocean introduces you to a myriad of beautiful fish, dolphins, sea turtles and more.

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

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