Uganda Tour Plan

As a country that starts with U listed on, Uganda lies on a high plateau averaging 1,100 m. The highest mountain is the 5,109 m high Margaritha peak on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the east. The main river is the White Nile.

Uganda 4

  • Day 1: Departure
  • Day 2: Arrival in Entebbe
  • Day 3: Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Day 4: Murchison Falls National Park game drive
  • Day 5: Murchison Falls National Park
  • Day 6: Drive to the Ruwenzoris
  • Day 7: Village hike to the twin crater lakes
  • Day 8: Game drive Queen Elisabeth National Park
  • Day 9: Tree lions in Ishasha
  • Day 10: An unforgettable encounter
  • Day 11: Lake Mburo National Park
  • Day 12: Game hike and drive to Entebbe
  • Day 13: Entebbe Botanical Garden and return journey
  • Day 14: Arrive at home

We set off in the morning with an experienced gamekeeper to track down the chimpanzees living in the wild. With a little luck we can see our closest relatives in their natural environment. In the afternoon we reach the famous Murchison Falls: the Victoria Nile plunges 42 meters down here. Because many fish cannot survive the fall, numerous crocodiles have made themselves comfortable at the foot of the waterfall. Down by the river we get into a boat, along the banks we see hippos and elephants. Shortly before sunset, we take a seat at the Murchison River Lodge, right on the river.

Even well-traveled animal lovers are impressed by this tour: eye to eye we stand face to face with rhinos weighing tons, we see lions climbing trees in the midday heat. The sound of hippos coming ashore to graze at night is long remembered.

But everyone is looking forward to one day: the one on which we should meet the gorillas. After a briefing by the ranger about the rules of conduct, we head into the forest. The trackers started at sunrise to the place where they met the gorillas the day before and are now following their further hiking trails. As soon as they spot the primates, they give our ranger a signal. We sneak on, at most dare to whisper. Suddenly a huge black skull pushes out of the thicket: dark, wise eyes look at us questioningly.

Meals: B = breakfast / L = lunch / packed lunch / D = dinner

1st day:


Scheduled flight with e.g. KLM or SN Brussels via Amsterdam or Brussels to Entebbe.

2nd day:

Arrival in Entebbe

Welcome to Africa!
Our German-speaking tour guide awaits us at the exit hall of the airport and takes us to the nearby hotel.
Day flight from 2020!

Overnight at the Sienna Beachhotel
(- / – / A)

3rd day:

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

We start our safari through Uganda and overland travel to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a project for the reintroduction of rhinos. During an approx. 2 hour During a walk we will face the colossi weighing tons. We support the project through our visit. We continue north to Masindi and spend the night in the historic Masindi Hotel. This is one of Uganda’s oldest hotels with a long history and many famous guests. Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, among others, stayed here during the filming of the film “African Queen”.

Overnight in Masindihotel
(B / L / D)

4th day:

Murchison Falls National Park game drive

Short drive in the morning to the Budongo forest area of ​​Murchison Falls National Park. In the morning, an experienced ranger takes you through the forest in search of the here
wild chimpanzees. The lively chimpanzees usually spend the mornings high up in the treetops eating fig fruits. With a bit of luck we can observe “our closest relatives” in their natural habitat. Chimpanzee tracking is limited to half a day. In the early afternoon we reach the imposing Murchison waterfalls. Here the mighty Nile forces its way through a narrow passage that is only about 7 meters wide with a loud roar. With a ranger we hike down along the waterfall to various photo and observation points. Once at the bottom of the river, board a privately rented river boat. Along the river bank you can watch hippos, crocodiles, elephants and many other animal and bird species. Shortly before sunset, you step from the boat directly onto the grounds of the Murchison River Lodge, which is beautifully situated on the water (“Thatched Safari Tents” with private bathroom). From the restaurant you can sometimes watch grunting hippos in the evening and elephants bathing during the day.

Overnight in Murchison River Lodge
(B / L / D)

5th day:

Murchison Falls National Park

We start our first game drive in Uganda early in the morning by crossing the Nile on a ferry. A rich and varied fauna awaits us in the northern part of the national park. The hilly savannah landscape up to the Nile Delta is home to Rothschild giraffes, hartebeest, buffalo, elephants, lions, leopards and much more. Overnight like the day before.

Overnight in Murchison River Lodge
(B / L / D)

6th day:

Drive to the Ruwenzoris

After a varied drive through rural areas along Lake Albert, we reach the northern foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains in the afternoon. The hilly landscape in the area of ​​the Ndali-Kasenda crater fields shows us as a rural idyll of crater lakes, tea plantations and rainforests. Overnight at Kluges guest farm and dinner with a view of the Ruwenzori Mountains.

Overnight at Kluges Guest Farm
(B / L / D)

7th day:

Village hike to the twin crater lakes

Drive along the legendary Ruwenzori Mountains to the vast plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. For lunch you will be at the beautifully situated on the Central African Rift Valley
“Kingfisher Lodge Kichwamba”. A long walk through the villages along the Central African Rift Valley brings us closer to traditional life in Uganda. We walk through small gardens in which, for example, coffee, beans and cotton are grown and get an insight into the rural way of life. Scenic hike to the twin crater lakes with a wide view of the savannas of the National Park and Edward Lake On the way back we stop at a family and prepare a Ugandan dish together – plantains with beans and delicious peanut sauce and much more is served to us. A unique opportunity to meet the friendly Ugandans…

Overnight in Kingfisher Lodge
(B / L / D)

8th day:

Game drive Queen Elisabeth National Park

The 2000 sqkm Queen Elizabeth National Park is located at the southern end of the Ruwenzori Mountains and is home to almost 100 mammals, over 600 species of birds, several species of monkeys, elephants, buffalos, hippos, crocodiles, lions, and many others on foot, by boat and on stalking with our safari vehicle in the wild. Plenty of time to observe this impressive natural area between the Ruwenzori Mountains, Lake Edward and Lake George. The Queen Elisabeth Bush Lodge, which is fantastically located on the Kazinga Canal, will be our base for discovering the national park. First game drive in the afternoon.
Around noon we will reach the Queen Elisabeth National Park. On our game drive we roam the park in search of the native wildlife, including lions and hyenas. For this we drive into the lion hunting area – the open savannah where the Ugandan kobs prefer to stay. But we also keep an eye out for other antelope species, the rare giant forest pig and maybe a leopard will show up.
Afternoon boat game drive on the Kazinga Canal. We hope to meet as many wild animals as possible in and around the water at close range. Hippos, buffalo, elephants and a colorful world of birds cross our path. A perfect opportunity for wildlife viewing and photography, this time from the waterside. Overnight as the day before.

Overnight in Kingfisher Lodge
(B / L / D)

Day 9:

Tree lions in Ishasha

After breakfast we leave the northern part of the park and drive to the southern Ishasha sector, known for the tree lions. Only in a few places in Africa can you experience the spectacle when the elegant lions climb the trees in the midday heat to rest from the hunt. With our off-road vehicle we roam this natural area and hope to be able to watch the unique wildlife show with a little luck. At around 2 p.m. we leave Queen Elizabeth National Park and drive to the impenetrable mountain rainforests of Bwindi National Park, home to over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Our lodge is located at over 2,300m on a hill with a great view over the impenetrable mountain rainforest to the Virunga volcanoes.

Overnight at Gorilla Mist Camp
(B / L / D)

10th day:

An unforgettable encounter

Gorilla Tracking (optional): In the early morning we drive to one of the ranger posts in Bwindi National Park – starting point for gorilla tracking. After a briefing on the rules of conduct, local guides and rangers take you over hill and dale through the almost impenetrable mountain rainforest. The guide follows the instructions and paths of the trackers who started at sunrise. The trackers first walked to the place where they met the gorillas the day before and have now been following their hiking trails since the day before. As soon as they spot the gorillas, they inform our guide and we will take “shortcuts” through the forest to the specified meeting point and carefully approach the gorilla family that is gathering around the head, the silverback. That moment when it succeeds Getting to see the gorillas up close is sure to be an unforgettable experience and the highlight of any visit to Uganda. The visit to the gorilla family is limited to exactly 1 hour in order to keep the disruption of their natural rhythm of life to a minimum.

On a scenic slope we drive through the southern Bwindi National Park and after about 2 hours we reach Lake Bunyonyi – probably the most beautifully situated lake in Africa. This is wonderfully located at almost 2,000m altitude in the mountain regions of south-west Uganda. The lake is considered bilharzia-free and is therefore also suitable for swimming. Enjoy the rural idyll with a great view of the Virunga volcanoes and meet the friendly Ugandans on walks or boat tours (e.g. in the adventurous dugout canoe).

Overnight in Arcadia Lodge
(B / L / D)

11th day:

Lake Mburo National Park

We drive through the southern Bwindi National Park on a scenic slope and reach the “Igongo” Cultural Center for lunch. The small museum tells the story of the “Ankole” and the rich buffet includes plantains. One last safari highlight awaits us; in the afternoon we reach the hilly acacia landscape of Lake Mburo National Park. On a short game drive to our camp we encounter the first zebras Impala and Elan antelopes. We spend the night in the center of the park at Mantana Lake Mburo Camp, a typical safari lodge in the style of “Out of Africa”. Built on a hill with a wide view over the hilly savannah and Lake Mburo, shimmering in the evening light.

Overnight at Lake Mburocamp
(B / L / D)

12th day:

Game walk and drive to Entebbe

After tea & coffee on our private veranda, we roam the national park on a guided stalking walk to experience any morning activities of the animals up close. With an experienced ranger on the way to wildlife photo motifs “at eye level”. After a hearty brunch at the lodge, we leave the national park on a final game drive and drive to the equator, picnic / photo stop. In the late afternoon we reach Entebbe and check-in at the well-known guest house.

Overnight at Rwakoborock Camp
(B / L / D)

13th day:

Entebbe Botanical Garden and return trip

Last chance to buy souvenirs. Guided walk through the Entebbe Botanical Garden, beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Victoria. It may well be that we see one or the other new bird or monkey species. Cozy lunch on Entebbe beach and, depending on the flight schedule, transfer to the nearby airport. Departure from Africa.

(F / M / -)

14th day:

Arrive at home

Arrival in Europe

Uganda 3

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