Virginia Beach, Virginia


Beach vacation in the USA is also very different than usual – namely in the largest city in Virginia , more precisely in Virginia Beach.

Destinations for a beach vacation in the US? Most people should immediately think of the famous resorts in California and Florida. But North America is a continent full of surprises. That is why a beach holiday in the USA is very different – namely in the largest city in Virginia, more precisely in Virginia Beach. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the longest pleasure beach in the world. It’s a proud 45 kilometers long and by the way, the beach promenade doesn’t have to hide either. With a length of five kilometers, it also offers plenty of space for summer, sun and holiday fun.

A climate made for sun worshipers

According to ask4beauty, the state of Virginia is located on the east coast of the USA, well south of New York and New Jersey. The climatic zone here is referred to as “temperate”, but of course that is relative. If you have problems with heat, you might not be in good hands here in midsummer. In July and August it regularly gets really hot; 40 degrees Celsius are not uncommon during the day. This is certainly good news for die-hard sun worshipers – and for water sports enthusiasts anyway. Although the southeast coast of the USA is frequently hit by hurricanes, Virgina Beach is often only touched by the rather harmless foothills. The city owes this to its particularly protected location on Chesapeake Bay. So from May to September you can take a summer vacation to Virginia Beach without worrying about the weather. A lot of people do that too; predominantly the Americans themselves.

Water sports for every taste and every fitness level

Obviously, a summer holiday by the sea is only really nice if you can come into contact with the water in whatever way. No problem in Virginia Beach, where the Atlantic Ocean washes its waves on a beautiful and extremely long beach. Water sports are simply a part of this and the tourist infrastructure is geared towards this. Splashing around, building sandcastles, swimming for the grown-ups – it almost goes without saying that these activities are an integral part of a Virginia Beach vacation. But there is of course a lot more: snorkeling and diving, for example. Surfing and sailing. There are also plenty of charter boats waiting to be boarded for sport fishermen. By the way, don’t worry that excess baggage will be too expensive.

Those who like to vacation by the water, but not necessarily in the water, will certainly not be bored in Virginia Beach. The beach is not only ideal for walks, but also for real hikes. Cycling is allowed on the promenade; With a length of five kilometers, that can definitely hurt your legs – after all, it’s already ten there and back! Cycling, hiking and observing flora and fauna are not limited to the coast. For such activities, visitors should also make a note of an excursion to the “Back Bay National Refuge” and the “North River Landing Natural Area”.

Would you like some history in between?

“Landing”. This term does not only appear in the name of the nature reserve just mentioned. Landing also plays an elementary role historically in Virginia Beach. English settlers landed in Chesapeake Bay on April 26, 1607 and founded “Jamestown”, the oldest English settlement still in existence in North America today. Currently, part of the area is used by the American military and is not accessible. In the “First Landing State Park”, on the other hand, the visitor can experience and understand history in a typically American, so very entertaining and realistic way. The Cape Henry Memorial is an impressive memorial to the founding fathers and mothers of the city.

Finally, a few destinations – please visit!

As beautiful as it may be on the beach – a few trips have to be easy on vacation! So you shouldn’t miss the “Ocean Breeze Waterpark”, where young and old will have a great time – please don’t forget your bathing suit! The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, on the other hand, is not only seriously concerned with life in the ocean, but also with the changing conditions there for mammals, fish and other residents. Finally, the lighthouse “Cape Henry Lighthouse” is definitely worth a visit.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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