Weather and Climate in Costa Rica

On a trip to Costa Rica , you will not experience major differences in climate throughout the year in terms of temperature and hours of sunshine. This is because Costa Rica is close to the equator. In contrast, there is a big difference in how much rainfall, primarily rain, you can expect, as Costa Rica has rainy season part of the year. In general, the climate in southern and eastern Costa Rica offers more rain than the rest of the country.

Costa Rica has a tropical climate with a comfortable temperature of 20-25 degrees during the day and 15-20 degrees at night. From December to April, however, the temperature will feel a little cooler than the rest of the year, as the thermometer shows a few degrees lower, while wind speed is a little higher compared to the rest of the year, giving a bit more windchill.

However, windchill does not affect your experience of the temperature in as much style as you are used to from the Danish winter. At a temperature of approx. 30 degrees, you will not feel any temperature difference no matter how much it blows, and since the temperature is typically 20-25 degrees a day in Costa Rica, you will not experience the big difference.

If you feel like taking a dip on your trip, Costa Rica’s climate is with you all year round. The temperature in the oceans around Costa Rica is stable just below 30 degrees all year round.

The climate in Costa Rica throughout the year

Costa Rica has basically two seasons. The first is the rainy season, which runs from May to November, which is considered to be the winter period. Here you can expect rain for a minimum of two out of three days. The second season is “the dry season”, which is the Costa Rican summer, which runs from December to April. Here, the climate offers rain just under one out of three days.

In Denmark, we associate winter with low temperatures and a generally bad climate. In Costa Rica, winter is, as mentioned, equal to rainy season, but both the temperature during the day and night is actually a few degrees higher during the rainy season compared to the dry period.

Climate and temperature in Costa Rica (San José)

Costa Rica is a small country, and the temperature and climate therefore, all things being equal, do not have the large fluctuations from north to south. A good starting point for studying the temperature and climate of Costa Rica, is in the country’s capital San José, as the city is located in the middle of the country and is a typical destination on the trip.

Despite the rainy season, the temperature varies as mentioned just a few degrees over the year, which applies to both the temperature during the day and night.

San José Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Precipitation (mm) 6 7 9 56 261 296 205 282 372 343 155 36
Daytime temperature 23 24 25 25 25 25 24 24 24 24 24 23
Night temperature 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 17 17 17 16 16

Climate and temperature on the coasts of Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s coastal cities generally have a warmer climate compared to the climate in San José, as the city is located 1,100m above sea level and in the middle of the country, where the temperature is also lower.

If you go to the coastal towns of Punarenas or Tamarindo in the northwestern part of Costa Rica, you can expect a slightly higher temperature, but roughly the same rainfall as in San José. If you go to Quepos (southwest) or Limón (east), the temperature will also be a little higher, but here you will also experience a climate with significantly more rain.

Lemon Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Precipitation (mm) 305 230 195 270 325 300 440 315 145 215 380 450
Daytime temperature 29 29 30 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 30 29
Night temperature 21 21 21 22 23 23 23 22 22 22 22 21

La Fortuna

The small town at the foot of the Arenal Volcano is an obvious starting point for huge experiences in the local area. Of course, you should visit the 1,633-meter-high volcano, which in 1968 exterminated several cities, but is now inactive.

Put on a car, horse or good footwear and set course for the beautiful waterfall La Catarata de la Fortuna. You can also move to the lakes at Arenal Volcano, where you can rent rowboats or hike in the surrounding countryside.

Carnival in Limón

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